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An apostille certifies the document so the document can be recognized in foreign countries


Ensure the validity of your documents with our professional notarization service, providing legal authentication quickly and reliably.

Wedding officiant

Personalized and heartfelt wedding ceremonies crafted to reflect your unique love story and make your special day truly unforgettable.

VIN verification

Accurate and compliant VIN verification for all your vehicle-related needs, from registration to sale and insurance.


All types of translation services

Why does a document need to be apostilled?

A document needs to be apostilled if it will be used outside the United States. An apostille certifies the document, making it legally acceptable in foreign countries. Essentially, an apostille is a certificate that verifies the signature of a public official on a document for use in another country.

If you need to use a document within the United States, getting it notarized is usually sufficient. However, for international use, the document must be both notarized and apostilled.

Translation Services

Certified translation

A certified translation is a translation carried out by certified translators, who attest to the validity and quality of the translated document. To have legal value, it must be presented together with a certification certificate, signed by the translator who carried out the translation and dated.

Translation for Driver's license

Driving license translation is an essential service for anyone who is living in or going to a country where the language is not the same as the original document. At DSPARK, we ensure this process is accurate and efficient, keeping all details intact.

Translation sworn

A sworn translation is an official, legally recognized translation, carried out by certified translators called sworn translators. It is essential for official documents, such as certificates, diplomas and contracts, ensuring that the translation is accurate and faithfully reflects the original content.

Simple Translation

Simple translation, also known as free translation, is a way of transmuting content from one language to another with a clear and direct approach. It's not just about converting words; it is a search for genuine and accessible understanding.

Text review

Text revision is defined as interference in the text, aiming at its improvement. These changes can affect words, sentences or paragraphs and occur through cuts, inclusions, inversions or displacements.

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